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Eliminating Frustration with Better Communication

Farming with the family has its challenges. Don’t let poor communication be one of them!

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Managing Agricultural Economics in Today’s Market

Many operations are subconsciously using the economy as an excuse for not advancing. It’s time to battle that behavior.

Like many of you, I have...

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Best Practices for Improving Farm Profitability

Your farm faces many challenges today, including economic recession. 

Farms today are forced to manage many challenges, including an economic...

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Are You Killing Your Farm’s Business Vision?

What is a business vision? For the purpose of this blog, I am going to refer to it as a dream or imagined reality that will remain just that if...

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5 Measures of Financial Efficiency

How Efficient is Your Operation?

Efficiency is getting more output from the same resources or getting the same output from fewer resources. There...

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Three Errors to Watch For in Your Yield Data

Yield Data Errors

This harvest, you know the yield data coming in from the combine isn’t perfect. There’s a lot of potential benefit, for...

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Perspectives on 2015 Rents: Tenant, Landowner, Farm Manager

A View From All Sides

The past few weeks we have visited with several farmers and landowners talking about 2015 operating agreements. To help all...

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Understanding Bandwidth


“Bandwidth” is a term often used incorrectly. It is used by internet service providers to indicate the amount of data per second that...

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Employee Engagement

How to Get (and Keep) Employees Motivated

Understanding a few key components can make a big difference.

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Moving Your Office Away from your Dining Room Table

Is A Family Farm Office Right For You?

As farm families implement more formal business practices and processes, most recognize the need to move...

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