Farm Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning for Your Farm Operation

If you have followed FamilyFarms Group at all, you know that strategic planning for the farm is a major focus area for us. But why is planning important for your operation? What type of thinking will help you develop a strategic farm plan? Here is a list of brainstorming topics that might help you with farm strategic planning.


  • What If? – Contingency planning is extremely important for any small business and a farm is no exception. Think about the four D’s: death, divorce, disability, and departure. Do you know what you would do in each situation? Think about that.
  • Autopsies – Think about what you have done in the past. How did it go? What could you have done differently? Were you just lucky? Be sure to keep notes on this or even written summaries of things you try. This could be huge for your farm’s strategic planning. Think about that.
  • 80:20 Rule – Have you ever heard that 80% of your success comes from 20% of what you did? It’s all about prioritizing your priorities. You need to understand what will actually help your business to be successful and put your emphasis there. Now, also understand that not all of those things will have an impact…you are doing something with the rest of your time!
  • Analyze What to Stop Doing – Don’t just focus on new opportunities. Think about what you are currently doing that is not having an impact. Think about your people – do you have the right people in the right positions? Do you have the right people on the bus? Are they in the right seats? Are there some people that need to be kicked off? It’s not all about something you need to start, and is sometimes about something you need to stop.
  • Know Your Groups – What could make you work better with your employees, your lenders, your suppliers, and your buyers? Think about how you could improve for each group.

Strategic planning is very important for any small business, and a farm is no exception! Contact FamilyFarms Group today to get your farm on the right track and start some farm strategic planning.

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