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A FamilyFarms Member Hits Hollywood with New Movie

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We’re very excited to announce the recent release of a movie based on the true life story of one of our FamilyFarms Group members. Rebecca Crownover from Lone Star Family Farms wrote an award-winning children’s book called My Daddy Is in Heaven with Jesus. It has comforted children around the world dealing with grief. Movie producers were inspired by the story and created a film that has resonated with children and adults alike. My Daddy Is in Heaven is a story of loss, grief, redemption, and hope. 

About Rebecca Crownover

Rebecca is a Texas farmer, single mother, and published author. She wrote My Daddy Is in Heaven with Jesus from the perspective of her daughter, Acie, trying to make sense of losing her father at a very young age. It has helped thousands of children find hope in the midst of tragedy. Rebecca has also written the Texas Farm Girl series, which inspires children and teaches them life lessons in farming.

 Movie Summary

My Daddy Is in Heaven is based on the compelling story of Rebecca and Acie as they struggle to deal with the death of husband and father, Adam Crownover, who lost his life in a sudden accident. The movie walks viewers through the events surrounding the tragedy. Rebecca steps away from her family farm and begins drinking to cope with her anger and grief. She hits rock bottom when she’s arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct, and her father threatens to keep Acie unless she can get her life back together. Rebecca’s faith is reignited when she finds hope in an unexpected place.

The movie displays honesty, raw emotions, and some gut-wrenching scenes. The story comes full circle as Rebecca and Acie, in the end, find peace and hope through faith. Note: while the movie tells Rebecca and Acie’s story, screenwriters have made some Hollywood additions.

Learn more about the movie and this special family in these interviews:


How to Watch

We invite and encourage everyone to watch the new movie and celebrate Rebecca and Acie’s success with us! My Daddy Is in Heaven is available through Walmart, Netflix, Amazon, and Video on Demand. If you choose to order a copy of the movie through Amazon, please order through AmazonSmile and donate 0.5% of the purchase price to a charity of your choice. You can type in “FamilyFarms Charities” when selecting an organization.

Congratulations to Rebecca and Acie!


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