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Ag Peer Groups – Making Valuable Connections

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FamilyFarms Ag Peer Group – Making Valuable Connections Across North America

FamilyFarms Group is not just one producer; we are an organized group of many quality agriculture producers working together to become better, both collectively and individually. At FamilyFarms Group, we connect our members with like-minded family farming operations across North America, forming an invaluable ag peer group that you won’t find anywhere else.

windmill.jpgOur agriculture peer group provides the perfect avenue for sharing ideas about how to grow your business and remain sustainable. FamilyFarms Group is composed of an elite group of operators who believe in the value of preserving the family farm and who work together to ensure success for all members, not just themselves. For many of our members, this farm peer group is the most valuable part of being a member of FamilyFarms Group.

“FamilyFarms has given us a network bigger than I ever imagined.” – FamilyFarms Ag Peer Group member

What the FamilyFarms Ag Peer Group Can Do for You

FamilyFarms Group members have found networking among our advanced Ag peer group to be invaluable. In addition to collaborating with other family farm operators, FamilyFarms Group members also have access to top agriculture business consultants, resources, and subject-matter experts who guide them toward their production and profit goals. Our members repeatedly assert that learning from the extensive knowledge base of our Ag peer group is one of the top benefits of joining FamilyFarms Group.

Our elite Ag Peer Group provides our members:

  • An extensive network of progressive-thinking family farm operators across North America
  • Access to top business consultants working to help you increase profit
  • An ever-expanding agriculture knowledge base
  • Opportunities to learn success strategies from thriving family farm operators
  • Valuable support from agriculture producers who share the same family values

Working Together Toward a New Vision for the Family Farm

“FamilyFarms has expanded my vision of what my farm can be and opened my eyes to a lot more potential.” – FamilyFarms Ag Peer Group member

Working together, we can provide a new vision for the family farm – one that sees farming families back at the center of agriculture production in North America. Our advanced Ag peer group is just one of the many benefits of becoming a FamilyFarms producer.

You don’t have to go it alone. FamilyFarms Group is here to help your farm succeed – today and for many generations to come. Learn more about joining FamilyFarms Ag Peer Group.

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Jill Miller

Jill Miller

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