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Where Do Ag Consultants Fit In Your Operation?

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Farmers know it’s tough to do it all. And it’s even tougher to do it all well. On every farm, countless critical details combine into the overall direction of your business. To keep all areas of your farm working together effectively, you need to stay on top of the little things without losing sight of your master plan. And you want to keep getting better every season.

One key to success is surrounding yourself with experts that can help you manage the details, step back to understand the big picture – and continuously improve. Ag consultants apply their expertise to your farm in the places you most need it.

So how do you select ag consultants to help you develop an enduring legacy for your farm?


Master the Details

You know your strengths and weaknesses managing the everyday details of your operation. Perhaps you understand the agronomics supporting your crops but find marketing a challenge. Or maybe you master budget spreadsheets but struggle to delegate tasks.

Consultants offer the most value bolstering areas of natural weakness. If you need financial expertise, a consultant can provide a thorough analysis of your operation to help streamline and improve farm finances. These experts should also deliver tools to monitor financial health and manage risk, coupled with training for ongoing profitability.

Does your operation need to grow to support another family? A strong marketing strategy can help maintain and grow acreage. An ag marketing consultant brings a fresh perspective to how you can strengthen relationships with lenders and landowners, attract specialty crop contracts and more.

Is it a struggle to find and retain the right employees? Having the right number of employees keeps your farm running smoothly, but it’s a challenge to recruit, hire, train and retain employees all while ensuring legal compliance. Customized Human Resources consultations can address all of these challenges, plus health insurance programs.

Whatever the details you are most likely to overlook, you want to find the right help to refine and manage them. FamilyFarms Group staff provides a variety of expertise to consult with you where you need it most.


See the Big Picture

If this old saying, “It’s hard to see the forest for the trees,” resonates with you, you may be more easily focused on the details rather than the overview. This is where consultants can add the most value by helping you take a step back to see the whole picture, define and prioritize goals, and direct strategy to meet those goals. This type of consultant will also hold you accountable to your long-term plan.

FamilyFarms Group takes a unique, holistic approach to evaluating operations to improve every aspect. A dedicated “coach” helps you improve specific skills and implement effective management practices. Your coach keeps you on the path of continuous improvement and can bring in subject matter experts as needed.

That experienced outside perspective can sharpen your skills and help you look beyond the most immediate needs on your farm. And you have someone who knows your farm almost as well as you do to help you work through unexpected challenges.


Keep Improving

Knowledge and training make a difference in every job – and managing your farm is no exception. It’s how you strengthen skills like decision-making, marketing or budgeting. Support also makes a difference by supplying the encouragement to keep going. Connecting with other farmers who are managing similar challenges can encourage you to persevere. A valuable consultant should connect you with the training and resources you need to better lead your farm.

The heart of FamilyFarms Group is a network of peers, like-minded family farms, with shared values and goals. That network provides both the training and support to continuously improve. For example, courses in business management, financials, risk, landowner relations, marketing, human resources, crops sales and more can equip you to grow. And the network allows you to build trusted relationships with peers. That support provides new perspectives on how to overcome issues and challenges you to think outside the box.

As you consider the next step for your farm, your consultants should offer value where you most need help and deliver the best return. Let our experienced professionals help you manage the details, provide action plans and let our training can sharpen your competitive edge. Learn more about how FamilyFarms Group can help you on our website at or give us a call at 1-877-221-FARM.


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Deb Etheridge

Deb Etheridge

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