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accounting-cropped.jpgAgManager software is the premier accounting software tool we use at AgriSolutions, a FamilyFarms company for more than 30 years. Even as the tool has evolved with advances in technology, the focus on providing an accounting software solution specifically for agriculture operations has remained the same.


What Does AgManager Do?

This fully customizable cloud-hosted system can meet the current needs of each farm operation as well as change and grow with its needs and priorities. The AgManager software is a double-entry financial management system designed to provide the information needed to focus on the most important financial areas of an agriculture business, including

  • Management
  • Credit
  • Compliance


Bundled Services

The greatest benefit of the AgManager farm business management software isn’t the tool itself; it’s the bundle of services typically provided with the tool, which include training and education, customization, technical support, and data and financial reviews.

When you work with AgriSolutions, you have access to professionals who know and understand the changing financial needs of the agriculture industry and who are dedicated to promoting the success of each operation they serve. The dedicated services team has more than 225 years of combined experience working with AgriSolutions to help agriculture producers be more effective business managers through financial management services and the AgManager farm business management software. Click the link below for more information and the opportunity to request a free demo.


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Carolyn Roberts

Carolyn Roberts

Director, Client Services

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