Federal Tax Update for Farmers
U.S. taxpayers saw significant changes on their tax returns last year, and this year is sure to bring changes, as well. 
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IRS Has Officially Extended Farmers' March 1 Deadline
IRS has announced in Notice 2019-17 an extension to the March 1 deadline for farmers who did not make estimated tax payments by January 15, ..
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How the New Tax Law Changes Will Make Planning Critical in..
Year-end tax planning will be critical for most taxpayers, including those who haven’t done planning in the past. The new tax law changes ar..
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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: How Will the New Law Impact You?
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act brought about some significant changes to the tax code. Let’s talk about how those changes will impact you persona..
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Updated Payroll Withholding Tax Calculator
  There is an updated payroll withholding tax calculator available on the website. Employees can complete the new version of Form W-..
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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Passed December 22, 2017
On December 22, 2017, the President signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  This is the largest tax reform law in thirty years, one that will mak..
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Tax Planning Guide in Agriculture for 2017
  “This Post Has Not Been Updated to Include Changes from the “Tax Cuts and Job Act” passed on December 22, 2017.” Farmers can benefit from ..
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