3 Things to Look for in an ERP System for Your Farm

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ERP-modelEnterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have been used in the business world for decades. Until recently, ERP systems have not been applied to row-crop farming. So what do you look for in an ERP System? There are three main indicators of a true ERP system:


An ERP system integrates all of a company’s systems and applications into a single platform. Most farms have one or multiple, separate systems or applications for each area of their business. An ERP system integrates all of these disparate systems into one, unified system.


An ERP system’s data is synchronized throughout the entire system. An integrated ERP system allows all users from each area of the business to create and store data in one place and give everyone else access to that data in real time.

Financial Core

An ERP system has the accounting and financial software at its core, ensuring that all activity in a business will be accurately reflected in the financials.

AgVero gives you all of the above. With the help of LINKFRESH, a certified Microsoft Gold partner, FamilyFarms Group developed AgVero, a true row-crop farming ERP system. AgVero has integrated all farming systems into a single, unified system with financials at the core. AgVero also includes the following systems used by farms worldwide:

  • Inventory
  • Farming operations/production
  • Human resources
  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Payroll
  • Geographic information systems (GIS)

AgVero makes all of a farm’s data accessible in one place, improving communication and proficiency. For example, when an employee in the field records the use of herbicide on the farming operations/job module, the usage will automatically be recorded in inventory and accounting. Users at all locations will see the use of the inventory reflected immediately. Many ERP systems have limited ability to communicate between systems, and data must be maintained in all systems, while a true ERP like AgVero seamlessly helps you enhances productivity and increases the accuracy and accessibility of your farm’s data.

FamilyFarms Group works to keep families on the farm with expert assistance in building the most profitable and sustainable operations possible. For more information about AgVero, check out our free infographic, or click the link below to contact us.

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