Software for Centralizing Your Farm’s Accounting Data

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fieldsWhy is centralized data important?

Whether you do your own accounting, have it done by internal staff, or hire an outside accountant, multiple individuals need access to your accounting data. In addition to you, one or more of your family members or employees as well as any outside accountant or tax preparer you hire may need access. If your accounting data is in a secure, centralized location that’s accessible online, you can safely give access to anyone who needs it.


How can farm software help?

Online, cloud-based accounting software offers the flexibility of allowing convenient access to information for multiple designated users. Advances in online security technology have made it possible to keep such sensitive information online while maintaining peace of mind. It’s important to investigate the security of any online accounting or banking software that you use and understand how your private data is protected. Large organizations that regularly handle sensitive data, however, typically take sufficient measures to assure security of the information they handle.


How should I choose farm accounting software?

Research providers of accounting software that specialize in agricultural operations. Weigh the features their products provide with the needs of your individual operation, and read any consumer reviews you can find. AgriSolutions’ online accounting software solution, AgManager, allows you to securely share your accounting data with any number of individuals you choose. It is fully customizable to fit your farm’s particular needs and designed to provide all the accounting information you need for management, compliance, and credit in one place


If you’d like to learn more about how AgManager could benefit your farm, click here request a free consultation, or click the image below for a free software demo.


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