Lasso Your Financials
I sold my beans this morning for just over $13/BU. Time will tell if this was a smart decision. I already know that writing last summer that..
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Loan Application: Challenges & Preparation for Success
As you are applying for new operating loans or new term loans with your current lender(s) or a prospective new lender, do not be surprised i..
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How Do Decide I When It’s Time to Replace My Farm Equipment?
Next to farmland that you own, your machinery is most likely the second largest investment that you make into your farm business. As such, i..
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SMART Goals for Your Farm Budget
In 1981, George T. Doran published a paper in Management Review that introduced SMART goals as a tool to improve the chances of reaching man..
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Bundling Accounting and Financial Services With..
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Budgeting For Your Ag Operation: Why, What, How?
Why do you need a budget for your family farm? A budget is a farm owners’ plan of action. Without a budget, farm owners are shooting in the ..
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