Why Do I Need a Financial Consultant Service for My Farm?

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Do you presently have a chief financial officer (CFO) as part of your management team? Is that person you, a family member, or non-family employee? In addition to knowing, understanding, analyzing, and reporting your business’s financials to your management team and perhaps third parties such as lenders, does the CFO keep abreast of industry benchmarks for various financial metrics? Regardless of your answers to these questions, your business may benefit from utilizing financial consulting services from an individual or firm who is not directly connected to your operation.


Outside Perspective with Broad Experience

Consider the value of an individual who is not emotionally connected to your operation and who is qualified to review the financial status of your business. Establishing a relationship with a financial consultant who has agricultural experience can provide many benefits to a farm operation. They can help you prioritize your high-level financial goals as well as drill down into your financials to analyze your operational management (revenues and expenses) and your capital management (assets, liabilities, and equity).

AgriSolutions financial consultants have been helping farm operations improve the financial management of their operations for nearly 50 years. Our financial consultants are trained to identify, measure, analyze, and interpret financial information to help owners effectively manage their businesses. They also have access, knowledge, and experience with many different operations' financials. The financial consultant can draw upon that experience, which often proves beneficial for each individual client servedmuch more so than the limited experience of an individual owner or manager who is familiar only with their own operation.

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What can a financial consultant do for your farm operation?

AgriSolutions financial consultants assist in establishing financial plans (budgets) as well as monitoring the budget and comparing projections to actual results to determine if the operation is on target. Based upon the results seen, consultants assist in creating a plan of action for the remainder of the period. Financial consultants can also assist in establishing short- and long-term financial goals for the operation.

Often, our financial consultants are asked to assist in times of financial challenges (e.g., negative profitability, merger/ownership changes, working capital challenges). Financial consultants are commonly asked to help in preparing presentations to lenders when operations are distressed as well as to new lenders when farm owners are looking for other lending options or when their operations have grown beyond their current lenders capacities. Finally, our financial consultants help farm operators research other capital alternatives and review debt structure options.


If you believe your operation could benefit from the services of an agriculture financial consultant, contact AgriSolutions for a free consultation.



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Brian Bennett


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