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FamilyFarms Group Value Network Delivers Significant ROI

The primary purpose of FamilyFarms Group value network is to support the success of farmers. This network provides opportunities for peer-to-peer interaction for farmers to share best practices, as well as get access to expert resources, consultants, and training. Additionally, the value network brings family farms something that benefits all operations: significant financial savings through vendor relationships and discounts. Below are some of the vendor relationships and deals provided to farmers though the FamilyFarms Group value network.


A global manufacturer of agricultural equipment offers FamilyFarms Group members “favored nation pricing” on combines—the best price the company offers. Fifteen FamilyFarms Group members took advantage of this pricing with $30-60k savings for each combine.  One member stated, “this deal was like getting a $60,000 check in my pocket.”

Grain Storage

Through a partnership with an established grain storage dealer and contractor network, members saved anywhere from $10-25k per bin site, depending on size. To date, 15 FamilyFarms Group members have taken advantage of this vendor relationship-preferred pricing.

Grain Bin Management

Farmers work all season growing and harvesting high-quality crops. Too much is invested to run the risk of shrinkage, over-drying, getting hot spots, or going bad. Nearly 20 FamilyFarms Group members have invested in state-of-the-art grain bin management systems, procured at a discounted rate that protects their investment until they are ready to sell. Maintaining condition of your grain in both moisture and temperature is paramount to protecting your money, and can save 3-5% of finished grain loss.


FamilyFarms Group partners with a grant writing services provider to help member farms submit compliant USDA grant applications. Grants received have ranged from $10,000 to $400,000 for improved energy efficiency, environmental and conservation practices, and value-added projects.

Crop Marketing & Advising

Knowing where you stand at every price and yield scenario takes the guesswork out of your farm’s profitability. Sixty FamilyFarms Group members have partnered with a crop marketing and advising company in our value network. This solution allows farms to see the combination of contract, hedges, and market positions in real time. Therefore, being able to make better decisions that may lead to a 2 or 10 times return on investment.

Inputs, Including Microbials and Micronutrients

Microbials and micronutrients are emerging in the industry as part of an overall plant and soil health strategy. In addition to These, along with fertilizer, chemicals, and seed corn from top, well-known companies offer these to FamilyFarms Group members at discounted rates. Over $20M in business has been conducted because of the significant discounts and value delivered through this network.

Chemical Mixing System

Accurate measurements of the right chemical backed by automated record-keeping are essential to a farm’s overall profitability. FamilyFarms Group members enjoy a 10% discount on a top-of-the-line chemical mixing system while maintaining control of the batch mixes. This lets you keep control and save money at the same time.

Farm Management Software

Tracking field activities, inventories, and production costs with meaningful data in real time helps farmers ensure profitability. FamilyFarms Group partnered with a farm management software company to deliver streamlined data into one system so our members can make informed, efficient business decisions.

Membership in FamilyFarms Group delivers beneficial opportunities across all areas of farming operations. If you’re interested in joining our community and improving your business with help from a network of farming professionals, fill out our needs assessment form and let us know how we can help.

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