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Choosing a Producer Peer Group

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What Producer Peer Group is Right for You?

Surely you have seen all the hype about producer peer groups. As an advanced peer group, we are pretty excited about all the buzz. But, how you do you decide what peer group is right for you? The answer is the best ones!

You want to soar with the eagles, not scratch with the turkeys.

Think about your peer advisory group as a reciprocal board. They are a member of your advisory board just as your are a member of theirs. But picking board members is no easy task. You want people that you trust, people that are experts, people that can contribute valuable information for your business. How do you find these people?

In the ag industry, there is a 5% rule. (This applies in any industry really – think about professional baseball players!) The top 25% of producers are 5% better than the average producer. The bottom 25% of producers are 5% worse than the average producer. That’s not a lot of room for error. You want someone that is at least 5% better than average. How do you find these people?

Also, you don’t just want a group of farmers that gets together and has coffee. You need a facilitator, an agenda and a purpose. You also need trust and a common vision. A successful producer peer group has structure and guidelines. You need someone to put all that together. How do you find these people?

We are those people. FamilyFarms Group has been doing the peer group thing for over six years, but we don’t call ourselves a peer group because we are so much more than that. However, we have the producers you want to be in your “reciprocal board” and we have the structure in place to be sure that you and the rest of your peer group can succeed.

If you’ve been looking for a great peer group, look no further. Contact FamilyFarms Group.

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Jill Miller

Jill Miller

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