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COVID-19 Message & Resources from Family Farms, LLC

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Due to these extraordinary times with the Coronavirus, for the safety of our workforce and clients, Family Farms, LLC and its subsidiaries (AgriSolutions, Legacy Insurance Brokerage, 360Value IQ and SoilRight) are moving forward with our plan to remove as much staff from working in our offices as possible. We will do this while also ensuring our service to all customers remains strong in all areas. We understand that our clients are counting on us and our expertise; we will not let you down.

We are assuming that this method of business operation may continue from now until the end of May, or until further notice, as the situation changes and new information is made available. We will be totally in this new mode, with most of our staff working from home, by Monday, March 23 and we will continue in this manner until the situation and regulations change. Even though our employees will be working remotely, all will have computers and access to files, documents and other tools they need to do their jobs efficiently and completely. Their responsibilities will not change, and you should see no change or interruption in the way we communicate with you and fulfill the work you have entrusted to us. Our hours will remain the same and you can continue to contact us via phone and email as you have in the past. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions that may arise.

The Family Farms Leadership team is clearly “on” this situation and is acting extremely quickly and prudently for the safety of our employees, all the while ensuring we continue to provide superior support to our clients. As we comply with recommendations for social distancing, we have curtailed travel and face-to-face visits, using phone and virtual visits instead. We have also curtailed visitors to our offices and, as noted, have as many staff members as possible working remotely.

During times of crisis such as this, communication is vital. We want to ensure ongoing regular communication both internally among staff and also with you, our clients and customers. We have scheduled daily and weekly communication via phone and electronic means among our staff with other team members, management and the leadership team. Our staff will maintain regular communication with you as they have in the past. We are encouraging you to call or reach out electronically to us with any concerns or questions you may have. 

We also realize that you, as a family business owner, must deal with not only the logistics of all the issues, but how these situations impact your family and team overall. We've gathered some resources that address the four main areas to focus your attention when dealing with the current global situation of COVID-19. KEEP READING to get resources on how to best deal with your physical health, mental health, business continuity, and legal compliance. 

We recognize these are very stressful times for you, your families and your workers. We remain committed to being your trusted partner as we navigate these difficult times. Thank you very much for your confidence in our team. We are here to help you, your family and your business in every way we can. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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