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Do You Need to Audit Your HR Practices?

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Human Resources Audit
Legal and effective human resources practices are an essential part of every business. Auditing those practices can help an organization achieve long-lasting success and avoid costly legal and regulatory liability.

Today’s Competitive Climate

HR audits take an objective look at a business’s HR initiatives and can help them understand what practices best serve the organization. In today’s competitive climate, as operations are dealing with a more heavily regulated employee environment, it is critical that HR practices are as accurate and effective as possible to keep the business productive and profitable.

Types of Audits

There are many types of HR audits; they can be specific or take on a broader, more comprehensive approach. Some of the most common HR audits involve
• Compliance
• Best practices
• Strategy
• Specific functions

All audits should provide valuable information to an organization while also identifying any current or potential problems that may arise.

What to Expect

When conducting an HR audit, the goal is to look for trouble spots and/or identify ways to improve an organization’s HR policies, practices, and procedures. The amount of time and effort an audit requires varies depending on the organization’s size and the information they are hoping to gain from the audit.

Preventive Maintenance

Once immediate needs have been addressed, an organization may find it beneficial to make audits a recurring process. The beginning of a new year is a great time to carry out quick function-specific audits in the areas of payroll, benefits, and employee information to confirm accuracy before problems arise. Integrating HR audits into the culture of an organization can help auditing become a continuous and painless process that helps an organization work more efficiently and less expensively.

If you would like support with auditing your HR practices, FamilyFarms Group is here to help. We offer training and auditing to ensure your family farm is in compliance with state and federal guidelines and your operation remains competitive in the ever-changing job market. For more tips to help your farm thrive into the future, subscribe to Acres of Answers, the FamilyFarms Group blog!

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Molly Norris

Molly Norris

Human Resource Generalist

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