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Family Farms LLC Appoints Jeff Haferkamp as CEO

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Jeff Haferkamp was selected by the Family Farms, LLC Board of Directors to serve as the new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Since joining the organization in 2010, Haferkamp has served Family Farms LLC as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Prior to his time at Family Farms, LLC, Haferkamp served in various roles of increasing responsibility at Olin Brass, including President, from 2005-2010. Haferkamp succeeds former CEO Shari Rogge-Fidler, who recently accepted the position of President and CEO of Farm Foundation, a non-profit agricultural policy institute based outside of Chicago, IL.

Family Farms LLC, comprised of FamilyFarms Group, Agrisolutions, Inc. and related companies, serves a growing network of family farms. The organization’s mission is to keep families on the farm by providing access to the tools, training, services, resources, and implementation assistance necessary to compete globally and obtain long-term, multi-generational success. Haferkamp’s background in agribusiness, operations management, and leading a $1.2 billion manufacturing business with over 1,800 employees, combined with his passion for family farms, uniquely qualifies him to fill the role of CEO.

“I am honored to accept this position of leadership and am looking forward to playing a key role in the ongoing success of family farms,” said Haferkamp.  “We here at Family Farms are serving a very vital role in enhancing business skills and providing access, through our value network, to resources that can help ensure the legacy of our family farm members. In the current ag environment, it’s more important now than ever to create value, use data intelligently, implement technology, and quickly adapt to change.”

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