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5 Questions an Ag Consultant Can Answer

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From row crop consolidation to emerging technologies, the challenges facing family farms mean it’s harder than ever to keep up with it all. In order to preserve their legacy for generations to come, many farm operations are turning to agricultural consultants to help increase efficiency and take advantage of modern technology.

At FamilyFarms Group, our agricultural consulting specialists work with family farms across North America, representing more than 600,000 acres combined. When we first start talking to farmers interested in membership, more often than not we hear the same question: what can an agricultural consultant actually do for my business?

Agricultural Consultant: Questions You Never Thought to Ask

From management to marketing, operations to human resources, here are just a few of the important questions an experienced agricultural consultant can help you answer:

How Can I Hire and Retain More Reliable Farm Employees?

The demands of today’s farming require employees you can trust to get the job done right and on time. But qualified, reliable employees are hard to find — and even harder to keep. A consultant can help you devise and implement human resources policies and procedures to make it happen.

Part of implementing an effective HR strategy is making sure employees are properly trained. An ag consultant can work with you to develop the training you need to keep everyone on the same page.

> > Learn more: Download your free ebook, “Farm Employee Performance Measures” and learn how to better evaluate employees, measure performance, and set goals.

How Can I Improve Crop Sales Management?

Running the day-to-day operations of your family farm doesn’t leave a lot of time to market your crops. Experience consultants like those at FamilyFarms Group can help you develop and implement a complete marketing plan to increase crop sales and profitability.


How Can I Improve Management and Increase Efficiency with Technology?

From inventory control to precision ag systems, customer relationship management (CRM) to enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and more, your agricultural consultant can work with you to implement technology to maximize efficiency and real-time insight into farm operations and performance.

Also, a precision ag specialist can work with you to analyze your GPS/GIS system’s data to help you make more informed agronomic decisions. While a technology consultant can help with networking computers, setting up servers, implementing data backups, installing security systems, and more.

How Can I Better Manage My Farm’s Financials?

The right consultant can help you better manage your farm with customized, top-to-bottom financial solutions for invoicing, cost analysis, accounting, inventory management and more. Beyond improving processes, your ag consultant can also help monitor important metrics and conduct regular financial statement audits to ensure that your operation’s financial outlook remains on track and that you can secure the loans you need.

> > Learn More: Download our free ebook, “Financial Ratio & Performance Indicators Summary” and learn how to formulate key performance indicators (KPIs), including liquidity, solvency, profitability, repayment capacity, margin metrics, and more.


How Can I Improve Acre Retention and Growth?

Before joining FamilyFarms Group, our Members grew their operations by an average of just 464 acres per year. Working closely with our expert ag specialists, Members are now growing at an average of 1,149 acres per year! An agricultural consultant can help you plan land acquisition and retention responsibly and sustainably by taking into account your financial situation and growth forecast.

FamilyFarms Group Agricultural Consultants

Interested in learning more about agricultural consulting services for your family farm? FamilyFarms Group is a member-owned network of operators, agricultural experts, and suppliers dedicated to preserving the legacy of North American family farms. Learn more about how FamilyFarms Group can help preserve your farm’s legacy — request a free needs assessment.

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