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Agricultural Network Overview

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FamilyFarms Group Ag Network Sets the Benchmark for the Family Farm

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A valuable aspect of being part of the FamilyFarms Group Ag network is benchmarking your farm with other producers across the country. As one of the top agriculture networks in North America, we set the standard for the family farming business.

The areas we benchmark include:

  • financial performance
  • purchasing effectiveness
  • landowner/business development
  • operational productivity
  • human resources
  • and more

By becoming a member of our extensive Ag network, you can see how your farm stacks up against some of the most productive family farms in the row crop industry. As each individual Ag network member grows and achieves success, the benchmark is set higher, which motivates all other members to work harder.

When one member succeeds, all ag network members benefit from that success.  As a result, the Family Farms Group agriculture network as a whole is much more influential than any one individual member.

Connecting and Sharing with Other Ag Network Members

Our goal is to help your traditional family farm be sustainable. Agriculture network best-practice sharing is instrumental to this endeavor. The FamilyFarms Group Ag network provides a variety of opportunities for meeting with like-minded family farm operators. Producers who share a vision for what the row crop industry is becoming and how they can position themselves to successfully compete into the future will share best practices with others in their peer group through both formal and informal interaction.

Access to Invaluable Resources

As a member of our Ag network, you gain access to many invaluable resources not accessible on your own. These include business experts, training courses, and of course, an elite agriculture network of family farm operators from across North America. Moreover, our Ag network also allows us to represent a large number of growers when we go to the marketplace to negotiate buying deals and access for capital. This translates into lower costs and more operating capital for all our members.

We’re all in this together. FamilyFarms Group wants to help your farm succeed – today and for many generations to come. Learn more about joining FamilyFarms Group Ag network.

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Jill Miller

Jill Miller

Marketing Manager

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