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Agriculture as a Business

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Time for Some New Wisdom…Agriculture as a Business

It’s time to leave some of the old wisdom behind and develop some new wisdom. – Mike Grehan

In North America, our history is undeniably tied to agriculture. Our ancestors tilled the ground to feed their families. The economy depended heavily on agriculture to support it. Everyone knew a farmer and respected their hard work ethic. Agriculture was all about operations and being the best producer you could be.


Today, our economy is based strongly in manufacturing and service industries (or so any 4th grade social studies book will tell you). So where does that leave agriculture?

dream.jpgIs agriculture still important? Of course, we know that the answer is yes, but yet many adults couldn’t tell you where their food comes from beyond the grocery store.

Most people don’t see farming as a way of life anymore. If they think about agriculture at all, they see it as a business. So here is the question…is that so wrong?

It’s time to admit it….agriculture is a business.

That doesn’t mean that we should leave our roots in the dust either. That’s the beauty of finding some new wisdom. We can think of agriculture as a viable business and the foundation of our way of life.

It’s kind of freeing, isn’t it?

Stay tuned later this week for Time for Some New Wisdom…Part 2
Celebrate Thanksgiving – Thank a Farmer

This time of year, we think about all of the things that we are thankful for and all of the things that have brought us through the past year. But how many of us think to thank the farmers that made the large meal in front of us possible.

Without farmers, we wouldn’t have food or many of the products that we use on a daily basis. Sadly, most people don’t feel like agriculture affects them directly. Everyday, we are surrounded by the things that farmers provide for us – from the cotton sheets that we wake up in to the toothpaste that we use each night. Yet, how many of us actually think about the farmers that made this possible?

Many people don’t understand the impact that one farmer has on today’s society. In 1960, one farmer would feed 26 people which may seem like a lot. Today, one farmer feeds 155 people. Without farmers, we would be one hungry planet!

We all need to be more aware of how agriculture impacts our modern lives.

As you give thanks this week, don’t forget those who provide for us throughout the year. Thank a farmer.

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Jill Miller

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