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Agvocacy – National Agriculture Day

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How Did You Celebrate National Agriculture Day?

Nat Ag Day

March 25th was National Agriculture Day, a day set to set aside our differences and celebrate agriculture – the industry that literally puts food on our tables. It’s also a day to celebrate farmers and all those involved in growing, processing, and transporting the food we eat.

Farmers and ranchers are largely overlooked for the impact they have on our food supply. Unfortunately, today’s generation is so far removed from agriculture that they tend to forget that food isn’t grown at the grocery store.

But agriculture’s impact doesn’t stop with food. Most of the non-food products that we use come from agriculture outputs as well. Did you wear clothes today? They were probably made with cotton fibers. Did you use energy or fuel today? That could have come from an agriculture source. In rural economies especially, agriculture provides jobs, tax revenue, and donations that make communities stronger.

Not everyone will have the experience of working with the science, technology, and business acumen that goes into producing the raw materials used for feed, food, fuel, or products. But everyone can become more aware of what actually occurs in agriculture. That can only happen if you share what you are doing on your own farm operation.

National Agriculture Day is important to helping consumers better understand the impact ag has on their everyday lives, but so are March 26th, March 27th, and every day after. National Agriculture Day should serve as a catalyst to help us promote the amazing story that ag has to offer, to bring the rural life alive for people that have never been there, and to connect consumers to where their products come from.

Please don’t let it stop here.

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Jill Miller

Jill Miller

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