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Killing Your Farm’s Business Vision?

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killing farms business

What is a business vision? For the purpose of this blog, I am going to refer to it as a dream or imagined reality that will remain just that if not pursued. Where do you envision your farm being in the next five years? What about 10 years? We’ve all imagined where we would like to take our farm in the next several years and beyond. We’ve all probably also imagined how achieving our vision for the future may impact our livelihood and family today as well as in the long run. Taking that first step to achieve your vision is not always easy. We are too busy with the day-to-day activities to effectively think through the mechanics of moving toward our dream.

What Does Your Business Vision Look Like?

Wouldn’t you like to get out of the mindset that is holding you back and move towards what could be? Instead of looking at all the roadblocks, let’s investigate how we can achieve growth or begin that new business venture. And what it takes to break down our vision into the actionable steps we need to take to create a new reality.


If you share your thoughts and vision for the future with others without careful preparation and consideration, you will not be able to effectively respond to their concerns or objections. Start with the end goal and begin to outline all the steps it will take to get there. Take a look at who will be affected by your decisions and what areas of the farm will be impacted. You know the personalities of those involved, which allows you to have a decent idea of how each will respond. Immediately and completely answering their questions and objections will make everyone more comfortable and will give you more confidence moving forward.


Many of us struggle with communication. Concern about how others will respond often leads to a lack of assertiveness that results in a breakdown when articulating to others what’s in your head. Most of us, when presenting our concept to others, lose the vigor and excitement we originally felt. When you first have a new idea, you’re excited and are thinking of all the possibilities. Once you start seeing the looks on others’ faces as they listen to your idea, any perceived negativity can cause that childlike enthusiasm to quickly evaporate.

When talking to others, maintain the enchantment you originally had for your idea. Discuss it with vigor, outlining the benefits of moving forward. Engage with your family, staff and business partners. They are your support system, and you need them to buy-in. Digest the negative and positive responses. This could bring things to light that you need to consider, and ways to make your idea even better.

Clear and enthusiastic communication with your team will help you strengthen the foundation of any venture.


Administration is one of your greatest assets. Many visionaries have ideas and see future possibilities but struggle with the mechanics behind them. That’s why you’ll need a team to help you implement your ideas, follow through, evaluate, and modify as you continue to move forward. Administration is the guidance system of every operation, helping the team work together to implement today’s technologies, systems, and processes and keeping all apprised of advancements. Having these support systems in place allows you to transform your farm’s business vision into a reality. Don’t set yourself up for failure; learn to invest in the right people and support systems.

You can’t be an expert in all the areas you need to accomplish your vision; it’s simply unrealistic. Surround yourself with people who are, then put your administrative skills to work as you coordinate those people and support systems!

Action and Implementation

Talk to entrepreneurs about some of their regrets. Most will tell you about missed opportunities they wish they had taken. They had a business vision but never took the necessary steps to implement it. Successful entrepreneurs have learned that you get out of your vision what you are willing to put into it. Outline the actions and build the path to achieve your goals.

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”

Joel A. Barker

Take Your Agricultural Operation Beyond Today

You’re not alone. Many farms have already paved the way for turning their business vision into reality, and you can too. There are a variety of proven systems out there at your disposal. FamilyFarms Group member Aaron Lee once said, “If you want to be better at what you’re doing right now, then FamilyFarms Group is the place for you.”

In case you haven’t checked it out yet, the FamilyFarms Group provides you with access to expertise, knowledge, and implementation support, not to mention a group of peers and professionals who will support you every step of the way to help make whatever your vision is, a reality.

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