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Balancing Farm and Family

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Juggling the Personal Life & Work Life

If you have ever attended a Dale Carnegie training session, you have seen the life wheel. For those of you who don’t know, the idea is to rate yourself based on all of the spokes of the wheel: family, career, finances, etc. If you are rating as a 9 in one area and a 3 in another area, your wheel will be lopsided and it will be difficult to roll. The purpose of the exercise is to figure out where you are so that you can work on the areas you need to beef up.

Consider how you are balancing your farm operation with your family life. Is your wheel balanced or would it be difficult to get down the street? More importantly, do you understand where the imbalances are, and are you okay with them? While we can’t offer you any help as to who should get the kids ready for school, we can give you some help on working together with your family.

boy-dog.jpgAll of the operations that we work with at FamilyFarms Group are family farmers. In many cases, that means moms and sons, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters all working together. This leads to a whole new problem of balancing farm and family. We see two major sources of imbalance: role confusion and spillover. Role confusion occurs when either there is unclear definition between roles or when the responsibilities of one role interfere with the ability to perform other roles. Spillover is when the other areas of our lives begin to interfere with the farm business.

It is important to meet regularly as a family and as farm owners to discuss issues. This will help you to clarify your values and define what is really important. It keeps everyone on the same page. It is equally important to set realistic goals and expectations. Setting unrealistic goals will just set someone up for failing. Setting realistic goals, however, gives people something to work toward and provides a sense of accomplishment when goals are reached.

Keeping everyone in the loop will help you to keep your life wheel in balance – making it easier to move forward with your farm AND your family. FamilyFarms Group can help you to clarify your family values, set realistic expectations, determine and manage priorities and even help owners let go once these have been set.

If you think your family might need some help balancing your life wheel, check out some information about FamilyFarms Group. Then give us a call at 1-877-221-FARM to see how we can help keep your farm and family balanced.

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Jill Miller

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