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Can Your Farm Survive?

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inspecting fieldHow can your farm survive the tough ag economy?

As our agriculture economy continues to struggle and the commodity markets have yet to rebound since the market began dropping in 2013, farm operations must remain laser-focused and efficient. With no real end to this current economy in sight and conflicting opinions on when or if we will ever see corn break $4.00 again or soybeans get back over $10.00, you must take the necessary steps to assure that you are putting your operation in the very best position to survive. If you plan and prepare properly, you can not only survive but even thrive in this down ag economy. Why not consider an extensive top-to-bottom evaluation of your farming operation?


Knowledge is power.

Gaining a thorough understanding of your farm’s current state and how it can enhance its ability to thrive is key. Family Farms Group can provide a thorough evaluation of your farming operation. Our team of professionals with 15 different areas of expertise in farming business, finance, and operations will conduct a series of interviews with the key members of your operation responsible for specific areas to gain a thorough understanding of your operation as it is today. This series of interviews will be scheduled with our various resource experts to assess each area and will help us get to the core of your operation in key components of a successful business such as

Our team will utilize the information we gather through this process to answer the key questions that will help guide your operation to sustainable long-term success. We will collaborate to write up a comprehensive evaluation that will take a granular look across your entire operation, providing recommended steps and strategic advice. Our write-up will prioritize the recommendations within each of the 15 different areas, and then our expert consultants will meet to discuss the very top priorities that we recommend for your operation to hit the ground running with.


A FamilyFarms Group business evaluation provides expert, actionable advice.

Upon delivery of our business evaluation, you will have expert advice from seasoned consultants and be armed with solid direction to immediately begin addressing critical shortfalls and fine-tuning other key components of a successful farming operation. From there, the real work and fun begin as the key to a good plan is its implementation. We’d love to speak to you about that as well.

Our agriculture industry is a tough one—rewarding and deeply rooted with passion but always challenging. With our farm economy as it is today, you owe it to yourself, your operation, and the legacy of your farm to consider a Family Farms Group business evaluation. Let us partner with you to provide the direction and support that you need to survive—and thrive.

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