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Choosing an Ag Consulting Company

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Interested in agricultural consulting for your operation? Today’s business environment poses unprecedented challenges for family farms. In addition to managing crop production, you have to contend with changing technology and increasingly complex operations, finance and HR issues.

If you’re like most of our Members, bringing on a full-time IT person or HR manager is cost-prohibitive. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have options. Agricultural consulting services offer specialized expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house team, but you have to know what you’re looking for.

Agricultural Consulting: 3 Factors to Consider

Consider these 3 factors when choosing an agricultural consulting company:

1. Farm Employees

Finding (and keeping) the right people is one of the biggest challenges facing family farm operations today. From recruitment to hiring, compliance to performance reviews, improving your operation’s human resources management can increase employee morale, performance, and productivity. If you’re not offering the right training or professional development opportunities, retention can be tough. Look for an agricultural consultant with a variety of tools and opportunities (one-on-one coaching, courses, webinars, conferences) to help your employees thrive.

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2. Farm Technology

Developments in precision ag have revolutionized row crop production, and innovation continues to accelerate. Tomorrow’s most successful farming operations will embrace innovative precision ag technology today, and your agricultural consultant should be helping to drive that change.

Before signing on with an agricultural consulting company, ask these important questions:

  • What kind of technology are you using for precision ag?
  • What differentiates your technology and software from other vendors?
  • What kind of integration do you offer with different controllers?
  • What kind of ongoing training and support do you provide to ensure the best use of your technology/software?

3. Farm Financials

A simple review of farm finances come tax time is not enough to ensure financial health. The right agricultural consulting firm will work with you and your team to implement proven processes for ongoing financial data collection, tracking, reporting, and analysis.

Today, challenges like row crop consolidation are impacting family farm operations like never before. Ensuring the financial stability of your operation requires diligent attention to ongoing processes like purchasing, receiving, inventory management and cash management. Agricultural Consulting can help your farm gain solid financial footing and better position your operation to obtain valuable loans.

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While these factors are important to consider at FamilyFarms Group, we offer many more services. Explore our other comprehensive solutions and benefits to fit all your farm needs and keep your family farm legacy alive. Download on of our free agriculture resources to learn more about solutions and the potential for your business:

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