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Most Profitable Agriculture with Control Systems

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How can you manage your harvest

Remember “Your Grain Bin Is Your Bank Vault.”

If you owned a bank, you would guard, protect, count, and reconcile the money in your vault. As a most profitable agriculture farm operation, you have to do the same for your grain bins.


With Fall Harvest here, now is an excellent time for you to review your Operation’s Control Systems surrounding your grain inventory system.

As a “One-Man Show” it is simple (but hard work) to control harvested grain from the field to the bin to the end customer because you are the one running the combine, driving the truck, making the sale, reconciling the revenue received. But what if you are a growing, progressive farming operation; what do you do to maintain most profitable agriculture operations?

Well, you can always start with the “old standby,” pen and paper. Gather, review, reconcile, and track all of your harvested grain inventory movements by writing in log books, using scale tickets, grain tickets, and settlement sheets. If you are proficient in Excel, perhaps you would utilize and summarize activity in a series of spreadsheets designed to track inventory movements from field, into bins, out of bins, to the customer, by contract, and those un-priced delivers. But with a paper system and/or Excel spreadsheets, you still have an extremely high risk of human error on your end as well as the customer’s. So protect yourself by tightening your internal controls and increasing your efficiencies.

Have you considered an electronic paper trail? Have you considered Conservis Harvest DecisionAg™? If you haven’t, why not? Managing harvest and production reporting just got easier. Track all of your harvest activities in real time. The Harvest App lets you see what’s happening across your entire operation in real-time. Track yields, manage inventories, monitor contract deliveries and resolve issues, all from your Smartphone or iPad. Conservis stands by the result that growers typically see a 5x return on their system investment in the first year of use. Use Harvest Mobile which automates real-time data captured in the field using Smartphones and tablets. Pull data directly from your grain cart or truck scale. Use Harvest Back Office to provide real-time analytics, reporting, decision and compliance support from anywhere. Finally, integration enables seamless data exchange with leading accounting packages and elevator systems.

 Use Inventory Control Systems to Keep $$$ In Your Bank and Not Someone Else’s.

from Harold Birch, Founder

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Harold Birch

Harold Birch

Executive Vice President - Finance & Technology

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