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Do You Know Your Trucking Regulations?

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Do You Know Your Trucking Regulations?

Protect yourself from lawsuits

For many farm operations, trucking regulations are misunderstood. With so many elements, it’s hard to know which regulations apply and which don’t. Even so, understanding how vulnerable your farm operation really is to potential lawsuits from trucking accidents is extremely important. You can protect your operation from potential lawsuits through proper structuring.


In addition, exercising due diligence when hiring drivers to operate your equipment will help to limit your exposure to accidents involving the public. You can accomplish this through proper interviews, review of driver records, requiring DOT physicals, having drug and alcohol policies in place, and actually hiring competent drivers (preferably with CDL’s).

 The equipment you use in your trucking operations is another area that deserves your attention in an effort to further reduce your risk when transporting goods, equipment, and inputs. Ensuring your equipment meets minimum annual DOT inspection requirements, having proper safety markings and devices, and properly securing your loads will contribute to a safe trucking operation.

 FamilyFarms Group can help you maintain a safe trucking operation. We have resources, tools, and programs to help you better structure your operation to limit your exposure to risk in transportation.

from Mike Jackson, Farm Business Consultant

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