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Agriculture—Economies of Scale Part 2

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Agriculture – Economies of Scale (Part 2)

Is there more to the trend of growing row crop farms?

Last week we talked a lot about agriculture economies of scale and how the consolidation trend may impact the size of operations that we see in the future. But, FamilyFarms Group is always thinking about preparing for the future now. Our producers ask, how can we benefit of economies of scale today. The answer is working together with other producers, to the tune of 500,000+ acres strong today.


  • Strategic Participation: By working together, FamilyFarms Group members can achieve what an individual producer cannot. Together, we can accumulate enough acres, knowledge, technology and capital to successfully compete globally. An individual producer just cannot have access to the same things that a committed group of individual producers can.
  • Premier Expertise: How many operations could afford two HR experts? How about a social media aficionado? A crop sales analyst? Technical writer? Grant writer? Accounting control systems expert? Not many. FamilyFarms Group members get access to all of these experts and more for as much or as little assistance as they need in each area. Talk about economies of scale!
  • Reduced Costs: As you get bigger you get better deals. Right? We go to suppliers on behalf of all of our member operations to help get them cost reductions. Personal relationships only go so far in this industry without being accompanied by dollar signs.

These are just a few examples of how FamilyFarms Group helps our operations to capitalize on economies of scale in agriculture. Ready to learn more, contact us today!

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Jill Miller

Jill Miller

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