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Spending More Time with Our Family

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How FamilyFarms Group Helped us Spend More Time with Our Family

The holiday season, of course, is a time to spend with your family and friends. Hear from a member of our FamilyFarms Group family about how working with FamilyFarms Group helped them spend more time together as a family.  

My name is Karmen Mehmen. My husband, Stan, and I farm with our son, Kyle, and his wife in Plainfield, Iowa. In 2006, we came to a concept meeting to learn more about FamilyFarms Group. At that time, we were farming 3,000 acres and Kyle and Kerri had just returned to the operation. We weren’t sure how we were going to succeed in the future and we certainly didn’t know how to stop this business from consuming our lives. Joining FamilyFarms Group helped our business tremendously, but they also helped us to spend more time with our family, which is one of our core values.

  • A Dedicated Office: Because we moved our office from inside our house to our “Barn” office, there are few if any interruptions in our home at night, on the weekends, or early morning.

  • Established Work Hours:  Because we established office work hours, Stan comes home (in the off season) and can relax more when he doesn’t see all the work.

  • Transitioning Responsibilities: Because Stan and I transitioned more responsibilities to Kyle and Kerri and moved off the farm, Kyle and Kerri moved to the farm so it is easier for them to eat meals together at night.

  • Core Values: Because we decided FAMILY was a core value for MBS Family Farms, we do not work on Sundays, freeing us and our employees to go to church, see relatives, take a nap, prepare for the week, or just take a break.

  • Training: Because we attend two yearly FamilyFarms Group conferences each year, we take two weeks away from the farm, doing R&D for ourselves and MBS. Additionally, we get a suite with Kyle and Kerri and enjoy our time together away from the work.

  • Strong Org Charts: Because we adopted a strong org chart that we adhere to, Stan and I have transitioned from all daily work to more project work and that frees us up to be gone during the week if we choose (Grandkids!) and also we can take extended vacations in the winter.

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It wasn’t always easy, but we implemented, we adjusted, we readjusted, we learned, we grew, we embraced, we adopted. We will be celebrating our 7th year with FamilyFarms Group, and we are sure we made the right decision. We are much better because of our involvement in FamilyFarms Group, and now we can enjoy the increased time with family.

Additionally, we have joined another, much larger, family with FamilyFarms Group which we are fully committed to. This is an adventure that you need to go into wholeheartedly. If you aren’t going to participate fully; with implementation, contribution, attendance, and willingness to change your thought process…don’t join. You won’t get the value, and you will be bringing all of us down if you join without commitment.

Because the strength is in the interdependence. The strength will be in the one voice. The strength is in the sharing of best practices. We all have strengths. In FamilyFarms Group, there is no threat within, like in your own community…like in your own family.


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