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Farm Incentive Programs

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Every farm producer I work with is looking at the bottom line every day. At FamilyFarms Group I am always looking for ways we can pass on information that may help our producers save on their bottom line.

Late planting this year combined with cool and wet conditions could lead to more grain drying this fall. That is why I have been looking at grain dryer companies to see if they offer any incentives. Farm incentive programs can really make starting a new project  like this much more affordable.

For more financial information, read our article on the measures of financial efficiency! 

silos.jpg Recently, I found a Farm Incentive Program that may help reduce usage cost on Irrigation Engines, Grain Dryers, and Ag Heaters for swine. The Propane Education and Research Council’s (PERC) Propane Incentive Program, formerly the Propane FEED program, is a research program that tests the performance of new propane-fueled technology in agriculture equipment such as irrigation engines and grain dryers. Producers who enroll in the program are offered a financial incentive in exchange for recording performance data of the equipment being tested.

In the United States, there is a large footprint of farmers that have already taken advantage of the Propane Incentive Program. Learn firsthand how two producers improved efficiencies on their farm by moving to propane in the Propane use Case Studies. In a recent article in Farm Industry News Link, the PERC program is highlighted; any producer who purchases a new qualifying propane fueled dryer from GSI Group or Mathews Co. now through the end of 2013 can apply for the incentive through PERC’s nationwide research program. These new dryers offer energy-efficient designs that ultimately can help producers save on their bottom line.

Could this farm incentive program help you? For more information on this program,call The Propane Education and Research Council at 202-452-8975 or email them at Direct Link: APPLICATION FOR ENROLLMENT.

FamilyFarms Group is always looking for new ways for our producer members to be able to implement new initiatives in efficient ways. Check out this information on REAP grants! If you want to continue to stay ahead in the industry, continue to follow FamilyFarms Group!

From, Kyle Morgan FFG Equipment Coordinator

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Kyle Morgan

Kyle Morgan

Implementation Coach and Inputs & Equipment Coordinator

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