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Make Farming Look Easy Even Though Its Not

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Make Farming Look Easy!

In an industry where hard work and dedication are revered, why would you want it to appear that you don’t have to “work at it” to be a good farmer? Well, that’s what people want. Investors, landowners, farm management companies and the like are looking for those who appear to not be striving just to pull it together and keep things going. The only way you can do this is by being prepared and working on your efficiency.


If you want to have a sustainable operation that you can be proud of and that your children and grandchildren can take part in, you have to constantly be moving forward. If you aren’t moving forward and planning ahead, you’ll get left in the dust!

How can you improve your operation to make what you do look easy?


So, you have a budget…right? And you look at it once a year…right? WRONG!! You need to be constantly looking at your current financials compared to your budget. Even if there were nothing you could do to change your current situation if you find yourself in a pickle, and there probably is, you can be aware of what is happening in your operation at all times.

You wouldn’t expect any other business owner to look at the financials just once per year would you? I didn’t think so!

Remember that financials aren’t the only thing needing to be analyzed. Take time to think about important decisions you have made throughout the year. This can help you improve your operations in the future. Take time now to make your business better later.


We know that your “to do” list is probably a mile long, but it’s important to take time to prioritize your lists. It can be easier to knock off five low priority items than to tackle some of the bigger issues, but chances are some of the easier items could be put off until next month or handed off to an employee. Put your time where it matters most.

Plan ahead

You may have heard of the four D’s (death, divorce disability and departure). Do you have a plan in place for any or all of those scenarios? This becomes even more important as other family (or non-family) partners join the operation. You can really simplify your life long-term if you take the time to plan ahead now.

Look ahead

So, you have a plan for catastrophic business events. That means you’re good, right? WRONG!

Sometimes, it’s easy to get so caught up in day-to-day operations that it’s hard to think about next week, let alone next year, and forget about five years from now. You know you have to keep moving forward, but you have to think about the future to know what you’ll be moving toward! Make a plan for your family and your business that spans the next several years. That way you can really be ahead of the pack.

How can FamilyFarms Group help?

We help you analyze your businesses through benchmarking and peer groups. Not only do we ask you to look critically at what YOU are doing, but also to look at how you compare with other operations. We help you stay on track to reach your priority objectives. Each of our members has a Team Coach who helps them create and stay on top of an Implementation Plan with five to seven priorities to be working on right now.

Ready for the future? We help you with creating legal documents and operating agreements to plan for the four D’s. But, more importantly, we help you think strategically and look ahead not just at the future of your operation, but toward the future of agriculture production in general!

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Jill Miller

Jill Miller

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