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Continuous Farm Improvement

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Continuous Improvement – What was that again?

According to the experts at Wikipedia, a continual improvement process is an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes. They key word here is ongoing. Most of us are willing to put time into improving a process, habit or whole business. But how many of us can actually focus on that improvement continually? I guess the answer is we must.


In St. Louis, we tend to be Blues fans, but even if you aren’t from the area, you probably know Wayne Gretzky. (He played for some other teams too, but we don’t acknowledge that!) Well, why was he such a great hockey player, other than his obvious skill? He was always focusing on improvement.

“A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.”
Wayne Gretzky

How does that relate to row crop agriculture?

The idea is that you you need to be focusing on where the industry is going, not where it is now. As you do that, your focus includes what you can improve. Always ask yourself – How can I improve my farm business? You can either seek incremental improvement (little by little) or breakthrough improvement (all at once). Either way, you will be improving your farm business.

At FamilyFarms Group, we help family farms do just that – continually improve their farm business. We are the personal trainer in your corner telling you that you can do it and showing you how.

Why is this important? If you want to be a leader in the agriculture industry, if you want to pass your operation down to the next generation, if you want to expand your farm business, you need to focus on continuous improvement. If you aren’t changing at the same speed as everyone else in the industry, you will be left behind. Be sure that your farm business doesn’t get left behind.

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Jill Miller

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