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Why don’t producers compete like Olympians?

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Going for Gold…Or Whatever Success Means To You

If you have turned on a TV in the past few weeks, I’m sure you’ve seen some of the Olympic coverage. Many people feel guilty watching anything else – as if they aren’t supporting their country if they aren’t watching the Olympics rather than their favorite sitcom. These athletes spend years in preparation and training. They endure setbacks, injuries, and consequent rehab in hopes of finally realizing their dreams. They are constantly in search of their personal bests and hoping that their best is better than everyone else’s.


Athletes go through all of this in the hope of winning a gold medal and being known as the best in the world at something. However, a gold medal does not provide retirement income.

So, if a producer’s ultimate goals are financial freedom and a multi-generational legacy, why don’t producers compete like Olympians? What practical lessons can we learn from elite athletes?

gold medal.jpgPreparation

The key for elite athletes is to prepare to win. You can’t simply prepare to play if you want to be an Olympian. Preparation and planning is the key to success in almost anything. The hard part about preparation for most producers is that it is more about thinking and less about doing. Farmers are known for their drive to just dig in and get work done. Athletes are traditionally the same way – but those are not the ones you see in London.

In any business, preparation primarily takes the role of strategic planning. But preparation also includes competitive analysis, education, hiring, and establishing partnerships. Additionally, it is important to spend time creating sales plans, operations plans, and even daily plans.


Also, it is helpful to define what success will mean to the operation. Olympic athletes are able to train so hard for so long because they know that their ultimate goal is that gold medal being placed around their necks. It’s harder to put in the preparation time when you don’t have your goal clearly visualized. It is much too easy to get caught up in the daily tasks, and without that vital preparation time, you can’t push the business forward.


Once you have invested the time into preparation, implementation should be the easy part. Think of sprinters who spend four years preparing for 10 seconds. I imagine those 10 seconds go by pretty fast.

In your operation, if you have put the time into preparation, the implementation should be easy for you – just follow the steps in your plan. And just like Olympic athletes, leave it all on the field – don’t fear failure. You have put the preparation time in; remember, you have thought this through.

Analyze and Adjust

The only thing left to do is to analyze your results and adjust your plan based on your attempts. This is often the most difficult step, because it can be time-consuming and painful. However, it is critical to learn from your mistakes so that you can change course and get back on track.

Olympic athletes study every detail of their own performances as well as those of their competitors. Then they go back to square one and begin preparing for their next opportunity. As the owner of a farm operation, it is important for you to analyze and adjust your plans. This constant business cycle is what can push you forward.

Get Some Help

Just like Olympic athletes, you can’t be expected to go this road alone. They have their coaches to push them through every hard practice, to encourage them at every event, and the help them learn and improve as they grow as an athlete.

You have FamilyFarms Group. We help you to create strategic plans, implement the things that you will need to grow and sustain your business, analyze, and benchmark your successes (and yes, sometimes failures). We are there for you whenever you need us – whether you need a new plan or just some encouraging words to assure you that you can do it.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your ultimate goals!

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