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Human Resources and You – Why You Should Have HR on YOUR Family Farm!

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If you’re like most of our new teams here at FamilyFarms, you’ve probably listed one thing as your number one need – Human Resources (HR for short).

“But wait a minute – isn’t HR just for big corporations?” you might ask. Sure, you might just be a small family farm with only a few employees and feel you might not need to bring in a third party into your business. But there are many aspects of the company that HR can cover for you so you can focus on growing your business.

family2.jpgWhether you’re a farm of only 2 people or a farm of 200, HR is vital to have in your business. Human resources will play two roles in risk management for your business. First off, they help reduce the risk in people (such as not having enough employees, shoddy work being produced, unexpected leave due to illness or emergencies, and so on). This includes family members who are involved in the business and have problems with you or aren’t putting out the work you want and expect of them. In fact, most farm families have no idea how to deal with tricky family issues as they work together. HR then steps in and controls the situation, rectifying things to the best of their ability so you don’t need to.

Yes – Orientation & Training Are Included and Matter

Secondly, HR also handles with the employment of workers in handling risk by (using their ingenuity to solve unexpected problems, employees going the extra mile for the good of the organization, etc.). They are the ones who will handle orientation and training (yes, orientation and training DO matter, no matter how few employees you have!). Keep in mind that even a business with only two people working for it can have serious conflicts that can jeopardize the business’s life and success.

Here’s how Human Resources can help you even further:

  • define the organization chart
  • write job descriptions
  • advertise for job openings you may have
  • interview potential employees
  • hire the best-qualified employees
  • help in dealing with family members who are not performing adequately in their roles in the family business
  • maintain legal employee files
  • retain good employees
  • handle tax and other paperwork related to employees
  • know what to insure and for how much
  • get beyond the “glass ceiling” as you increase in acreage (but haven’t staffed up accordingly)

With this long list of all of the aspects of the company that HR covers, it’s easy to see why having HR in the business is beneficial for any business owner!

Get the ebook for a more robust look into HR for your farm. 

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If you’re ready to talk about HR in your family farm or have any questions about HR, call us here at FamilyFarms at 1-877-221-FARM for more information. We can help you get on the right track to focusing on what you need to do the most – growing your company. Call today!

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