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What Is FamilyFarms Group?

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This is seemingly an easy question to answer; however, there are so many possibilities. It is a consulting company offering training, expert advice and implementation assistance in eleven different areas on the farm, but it’s more than that. It is a peer group facilitating best practice sharing by progressive-minded producers across the United States and Canada, but it’s more than that too. What gives?

FamilyFarms Group has been tight lipped about it’s successes and concepts until 2013 when we hosted agricultural media representatives at our Brighton, IL main office to share the FamilyFarms Group story. So now people are wondering…”Okay, I get it, but what IS FamilyFarms Group?” Well here is your answer…it’s complicated!kid in corn.jpg

FamilyFarms Group is an organized group of family farm producers, business consultants, subject-area resources, and industry experts working together to ensure that our families can continue farming for as long as future generations want to farm. It’s that simple…and complicated. So let’s start at the beginning – FARMERS! We work with some of the most amazing crop producers across the United States and Canada. Seriously…these guys are good. By partnering with FamilyFarms Group, they are able to do what they do best – farm. At FamilyFarms Group headquarters in Brighton, IL, we try to help family farmers with the business side of their operation – management, supervisory skills, entity structure, operations practices, technology, crop sales, business marketing (acreage growth, landowner relations, community involvement, etc.), human resources…shall we continue?!? Additionally, because we work with so many crop producers, we can bring together some of the most valued resources and experts in the agricultural industry to provide advice and training. Now isn’t that something?

So what does all that mean? It comes down to three things – enhancing profitability (increased profit with reduced risk), promoting legacy (for your children, your children’s children, etc.), and building value (beyond land and iron). These all sound great…in theory. But again, what does it really mean? How does FamilyFarms Group impact its member farm families? Well….don’t take our word for it. See what FamilyFarms Group Members have to say on our – Vimeo Channel.

So, did that answer your question? Yes? No? Give us a call to find out more about FamilyFarms Group. We can help you take your farming business from where you are now to where you want to be – outstanding in your field!!

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Jill Miller

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