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The Difference Is Coaching

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Good Coaches are Invaluable

Many times, the determining factor in winning is how well the team has been coached.

It’s funny how some coaches produce winning teams year after year. Years in which they have mostly young rookies as well as years in which they have a team of seasoned veterans. Successful coaches always find a way to get the most out of the players, whether they have big, slow players or small, quick players.  They find and fully utilize the strengths of each player, and ultimately get all of the players to play as a finely tuned single unit (team) to accomplish the objective: to win.

Winning Has Many Faces

Now, “winning” has many faces. Sometimes winning means outscoring an opponent, making more money in business, or any of a thousand other possible definitions.

So, to help themselves win, people hire coaches to help accomplish their goals. Some people hire a designer “coach” to help them decorate their house. Some hire a personal coach to help them put together a better resume or “brand” themselves to become well known. Even others hire tutors or “coaches” to help their children excel in academics, athletics, or acting.

A good coach not only helps recognize what is going wrong, but also points out things going right.

Coaches Provide An Overhead View

Many times people are so involved that it’s impossible to see the forest for the trees. It’s like being mired down in a swamp not being able to see a way out. A coach can provide an overhead view, and help find solutions.

Coaches Provide Guidance

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A good coach helps determine priorities, set realistic objectives, and keeps things on track. Providing encouragement, and pointing out strengths and weaknesses, a good coach can really make a difference.

A coach can be a confidential sounding board for thoughts and ideas when there aren’t others to confide in about business matters and/or personal family challenges.

The FamilyFarms Group Advantage

The advantage FamilyFarms Group has over many other companies that provide services to farmers, is that they provide COACHES.  At FamilyFarms Group, Team Coaches are assigned to work alongside member farm families, detailing implementation plans to reach farming operation objectives, while holding responsible parties accountable. Tweet this

Experienced and Knowledgable Team Coaches

Based on experience and knowledge of business and agriculture, FamilyFarms Team Coaches provide valuable guidance and suggestions for long-term strategy and industry-specific activities to foster success.

Also, FamilyFarms Coaches help member farm families fully utilize resources.  For example, a FamilyFarms coach helps coordinate efforts between farm management and consultants that have been hired to help.

FamilyFarms Group Coaches Can Help

In a nutshell, a FamilyFarms Team Coach brings out the best in both the member farm’s team, and in the resources hired to help.  Maximizing and coordinating the efforts of each contributor to achieve the best outcome possible for member farms is a role FamilyFarms Coaches take very seriously.  Contact Family Farms today for an evaluation of your needs.

John Wooden was one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time. In his books he wrote that he never worried about winning or losing. For him, it was all about getting his players to give 100% every time they stepped on that floor. When his players did that, he knew he didn’t have to worry about whether the team was going to win; they usually did.

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