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The FamilyFarms Group Model

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Operating On Our Own Principles

So you might have heard some talk about the FamilyFarms model or Allen Lash’s business model, but we’d like to set the record straight about that. There is no set business model for FamilyFarms clients. It’s just that simple. Each FamilyFarms Group Member operates based on their own set of principles, their own goals and aspirations, and their own free will.


sprout.pngFamilyFarms Group is here to help our farm Members achieve those goals…whatever they may be. We have strong commitments to each family to help them be whatever they desire whether that be the best-in-class operator for their area or a well-respected businessman who will pass his operation down to his children. There is no way that a cookie-cutter business model described by many of those not “in-the-know” would work for so many operations with different hopes and dreams for their future.

So how does that work? FamilyFarms Group experts explore 11 different business areas with each new Member to talk about what they are doing now and what they want for their operation in the future. Then, an implementation plan is developed to help the family achieve those goals. Keep in mind, those are still the goals of the operation, not goals pushed on them by FamilyFarms Group. That doesn’t mean that FamilyFarms Group doesn’t push member farming operations; members think of FamilyFarms Group as a personal trainer for the business side of their farming operation.

So we’re clear, right? There is no FamilyFarms Group model that all Members follow. People say that wouldn’t work? They’re right…FamilyFarms Group agrees. Our respect for each unique farm family would never allow us to try.

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Jill Miller

Jill Miller

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