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What Farms can Learn from Other Businesses

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What Can Farm Producers (or any Business) Learn from Apple?

This spring, a book was released called The Apple Experience. The author, Carmine Gallo, talks about how the Apple Store reinvented retail from the ground up. He goes on to give 10 specific things any business can learn from their experiences. We will translate a few of those into specific things any farm operation can learn.


  1. Stop Growing Crops (adapted from Stop Selling Stuff) – Okay. We aren’t advocating that you stop farming. But if you think about your vision for your farm operation, is your ultimate goal to produce more crops? No, you want to feed the world, leave a legacy for your family, make a difference, etc. Steve Jobs asked, “How do we enrich people’s lives?”, not “How do we grow our market share?” This mind-set shift is what accounts for the different retail experience when you work with Apple. Don’t you want people to get a different feeling when they work with you versus the other producers?
  2. Enrich Lives – Most operations do this for their landowners already. Feeding animals while landowners are on vacation, plowing their driveway, giving them a ride to the airport – all of these are things that farmers do to enrich the lives of their landowners. Use that to your advantage by sharing those stories.
  3. Hire for Smiles – Okay, maybe your operation’s employees aren’t the face of your company so their personality isn’t as key as it is for Apple. However, what you want to look for is passion. If you can have employees that are as passionate as you are about farming, then you won’t have to force them to be interested enough to do their job well.
  4. Unleash your Inner Genius – Educate your landowners. Help them to understand agriculture and how they can improve the value of their land. This will increase loyalty and help build long-term relationships.
  5. Sell the Benefit – We talk a lot about this subject at FamilyFarms Group in business marketing. Make sure that your sales tools are relevant to the landowners. Don’t talk about things that the customer won’t care about or doesn’t understand. Make it applicable.
  6. Adhere to the three pillars of enhancement – Be sure that you are likeable, trustworthy, and provide a quality service.

Really the key to this idea is that you can learn how to improve your business by looking at sources outside of the agricultural world. That is one reason many FamilyFarms Group employees are from other industries: manufacturing, services, distribution, etc. We help farm producers apply skills from those areas to their farming operations.

If you think you could use some new skills to apply in the ag industry, contact us today to learn more.

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Jill Miller

Jill Miller

Marketing Manager

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