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Who is FamilyFarms Group?

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FamilyFarms Group equips members with the tools, training and skills to continually develop themselves, employees, farming operation and bottom line - without sacrificing family or working themselves to death.

FamilyFarms Group: So Much More than Agriculture Consulting Services

Most days I’m asked the question, “What does FarmilyFarms Group do?”  It’s a simple question about a critically important, extensive system involving many vital components. 

The best way to describe FamilyFarms Group is that it is a system made up of farmers, business coaches, vendors, expert consultants, and a host of other related individuals and ag businesses accomplishing together what they can’t individually. 

Owned by its members, FamilyFarms Group has a singular purpose: “Keeping Families on the Farm.”  This is achieved by enhancing profit, reducing risk and building value to provide a legacy for generations to come.

Working together we have three main areas of focus:

  1. Generating profit while reducing risk.
  2. Building real tangible value along with off-balance sheet value.
  3. Creating a strategy for generational legacy because farm families want the farm to continue - not only for their kids but also their grandkids and their great-grandkids.

Farm members benefit in a variety of ways:

  1. Economic Benefits that drive profit to the bottom line through:
    1. Increased revenue
    2. Reduced costs
    3. Added acres
    4. Financial incentives
    5. Access to capital
  1. Along with the tangible financial benefits noted above, members also focus on Competitive Advantages:
    1. Training and Education - FamilyFarms Group has over 70 training courses designed to develop the skills of owners and employees in multiple areas of the farm business. 
      1. Two conferences a year
      2. Distance learning
      3. Modular training
      4. On-site training
    2. A business coach is assigned to each Team, helping them take steps that move their business forward, developing capabilities in 15 business focus areas.
    3. There are specialized resources/consultants in 15 areas of business and ag expertise available to Team members - Human Resources, Legal, Business Development, Marketing and many others.
    4. Members access state-of-the-art technologies applied to ag.
    5. Control systems: When farms begin to increase acres, it is imperative that farm owners implement and maintain control systems in finances, inventory and more.
    6. Peer Groups and sharing of best practices: In agriculture, we have a variety of peer groups to choose from.  Many peer groups in the industry tend become primarily social, discussing the challenges but struggling year after year with implementation.  FamilyFarms Group offers specialized peer groups focused on specific areas of the business and needs of specific roles. Holding one another accountable and sharing best practices with owners of similar farm operations is invaluable. Family Farms’ peer groups are specifically designed for General Managers, Operations Managers, Finance personnel, Dads preparing to transition the farm to the next generation, equipping the next generation for leadership roles, women, developing managers, and Agronomy personnel. 

So, who is FamilyFarms Group, you ask?  We are a system of family farmers and business experts all with a singular focus of "keeping families on the farm."  Farm families no longer must face challenges in the ag industry alone.  It’s time for change.  We live in a “reap what you sow” world where each of us has the responsibility to drive change.  Take action today and see how FamilyFarms Group can help you and your family farm business evaluate where to start.


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Chris Whited

Chris Whited

North American New Business Consultant | | 618-372-4048

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