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Women in Agriculture-Why the Revolution?

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Women in Agriculture – Why the Revolution?

FamilyFarms Group attended the Executive Women in Agriculture Conference last week. It was a great experience. We love getting to network with other great producers and agribusiness professionals whenever we can. This is the second year of the EWA conference which is really exciting for women in agriculture operation. The question is – why now? Why are more women involved in agriculture businesses than ever before?


It may seem obvious that more women are involved in any business than ever before, but agriculture is an especially male dominated industry. So where do the ladies fit in?

As farm size increases (and trust us, overall they are), there is a greater need for management specialization. Business management hasn’t been traditionally prevalent on farms where producers tend to focus on the “operations” of the farm operation. Management skills become increasingly more important as the size of the operation increases; therefore, there is less focus on technical skills. This means that producers are no longer looking just for opportunities for their sons; they are planning for their daughters as well, or in many cases, their daughters-in-law.

Women are graduating from college with advanced degrees and going straight onto the fast track in many businesses. So guess what, guys? Your daughter-in-law may be the key to getting your son back on the farm! If you can create opportunities for everyone in the family to succeed, then you and your farm can be better prepared for the future.

So what can women DO on farm operations? EVERYTHING!!!!

Here at FamilyFarms Group, we see women taking increasing responsibility in crop sales/grain marketing, business development, human resources, office management, and even a few who are general managers. There is just no limit to their potential.

It looks like women are here to stay in agriculture, and they are ready to make a difference!

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Jill Miller

Jill Miller

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