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Getting More for Your Grain

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oatsGetting the best price for your grain takes careful planning and research. With the right information and a proactive approach to marketing your crop, however, you can maximize the price you get for your harvest. Start by focusing on these three areas:


Understand the markets in your area.

Knowing what buyers are offering in your area gives you the power to choose the highest cash bids. This can take a lot of time to research, but the right technology can make it easy. CashBidManager is a tool that gives you access to all cash prices within a 400-mile radius, allowing you to compare bids among buyers as well as watch price trends from your computer or mobile device. It will even calculate the highest-profit bids for you, taking into account the buyer’s distance from your location. You can also set up alerts, so you can quickly seize the opportunity when a local buyer is offering an above-market price.


Understand what you have to offer and who’s looking for it.

Some buyers are looking to purchase grain with specific qualities. Understanding the characteristics of your harvest will empower you to get premium prices for grain that has the qualities buyers are looking for. This means knowing the oil, protein, and starch content of the grain you have to sell. The Perten 9500 tests your grain quality and allows you to view results on your SureTrack FARM account and share the results with potential buyers.

With precise information about what’s in your grain, you can then reach out to buyers who are in search of those characteristics. MarketManager connects you with buyers who are looking to purchase high quality grains directly from farmers. You can view current demands, share information about your own crop, and communicate with buyers to close the sale.


Hold some grain back after harvest to capture the best prices.

At harvest, the market is flooded, and prices are at their lowest. If you’re able to hold some of your grain for several months after harvest, you’ll be able to a get substantially higher price per bushel. It’s critical, however, to maintain the same high grain quality during storage that you’re able to deliver at harvest time. BinManager is an automated system that makes this task simple. It maintains desired moisture content while preserving your grain’s oil, starch, and protein.

Getting the best price for your grain is just one way to boost your farm’s profits. SureTrack FARM provides a complete solution to maximize quality and profit at each stage of the crop cycle, helping you select the right seeds for your location, optimize growing conditions, and deliver a quality product.

Thanks to AGI SureTrack for sharing this valuable information with our readers.


Grain prices are just part of your farm's overall profitability.

Getting the best grain price is important, but it's just one part of a strategy for maximizing your farm's profitability. Accurate and sophisticated financial management is crucial to maintaining financial health, especially in challenging crop years. FamilyFarms Group provides financial tools, training, and analysis to help our members guide their farms to success now and keep them thriving in the future.

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