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Grow for a Purpose

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grainThanks to AGI SureTrack for sharing the valuable information in this article with our readers. AGI SureTrack provides technology that helps farmers maximize resources and compete in the global marketplace. 

Setting Goals for Your Crops

Growing for a purpose means having a specific vision or the qualities you want to produce in your crops. For example, you might aim to produce high-protein wheat that’s sought after by bakeries, low-protein wheat that’s needed for breweries, or oil-rich corn for cattle feed. Whatever goals you set for your crops, they should guide all of your decisions—from seed selection through storage.


Seed Selection

Deciding which seeds to purchase is an essential first step to getting the qualities you want out of your crops. You’ll need to consider several factors when selecting seeds, including

  • Geography
  • Soil type
  • Crop duration
  • Production history
  • Market needs

Select seeds that will produce a crop that meets the requirements necessary for your crop’s purpose, and make sure that the purpose you’ve chosen is one that’s sufficiently in demand to ensure ample buyers for your product.


In the Field

Information about weather patterns, soil temperature, moisture, and nutrient content is vital for making intelligent decisions about the timing of fertilizer applications. Energy Curve data can help refine this decision making, enabling you to save time and money while producing optimal yields and quality.



Maintaining appropriate grain storage conditions is critical to ensuring your harvested crop will retain the qualities you want until you transfer the product to buyers. Having a specific purpose in mind for your crop will help guide your decisions about storage conditions. For example, you might need to prioritize maintaining a certain germination percentage or preventing over drying and hot spots. Understanding the purpose your crop will need to serve will help you set the ideal conditions to maintain desired qualities during storage.


The Story of Your Crop

At sale time, it’s important to be able to tell the story of the product your selling. This includes its genetics, nutritional makeup, storage conditions, and more. Being able to tell a story that casts your grain as a top quality ingredient that meets or exceeds buyer requirements will help you get premium prices for your product. Meticulously keeping data will help ensure you have all the information you need to convey the story of your crop as effectively as possible.

Having a clear purpose in mind for your crop from the very beginning and using it as a guide throughout growth and storage helps you control outcomes and realize greater profits for your farm business.


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