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How Can You Get Top Dollar for Your Grain?

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Cash and Wheat_jpg2019 has been a year of challenges and unpredictability. At harvest time, processors and merchandisers will be scrambling to secure the quality grain they need to remain in production and fulfill contracts. This is great news for farmers—particularly those who understand the distinct qualities of their grain and how to locate the buyers who need their products.


Know Your Grain

Many buyers are looking for specific qualities in the grain they buy and are willing to pay a premium to get them. Being able to verify the quality of your grain gives you an edge in the marketplace. Use a grain analyzer to determine how much oil, protein, moisture, and starch is in your grain, and connect it to your SureTrack FARM account to easily store the results and share them with buyers as you choose.


Develop Your Network

Armed with a full understanding of the quality of your grain, you can then strengthen your position in the market by joining with others who produce similar crops. FamilyFarms Group, a member-owned network of farmers and other agricultural experts, provides members with marketing expertise as well as the opportunity to become part of an elite group of grain sellers, giving them greater access to buyers.


Know Your Market

Understanding who is willing to pay how much for the grain you’ve produced is essential to getting the best price. CashBidManager provides a look at cash prices within a 400-mile radius of your farm and also calculates profit per load while accounting for transportation expenses. You can even set up price alerts to let you know what selected buyers are offering. It’s never been easier to find the most profitable deals when selling your grain.

MarketManager is another valuable tool in the search for top grain prices. It allows you to view specific demands from processors and merchandisers as well as post details about your grain supply. When you share your grain qualities via SureTrack FARM, then buyers can reach out to you to make offers directly, which you can easily view and then either accept or reject. Buyers can also ask you to grow for them before next year’s crop is even in the ground, enabling you to create a secure market for future crops. Using MarketManager in conjunction with CashBidManager can help you be sure you’re getting the best deals possible.


Get the Best Prices

The 2019 harvest is an especially important time to understand all of your options when marketing your grain. Fortunately, modern technology is making this information more easily accessible than it’s ever been before. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture the best prices for your grain this year!

Thanks to AGI SureTrack for sharing this valuable information with our readers.


Work with an Ag Financial Expert

Getting the best price for your grain is only part of an overall strategy to make your farm as profitable as possible. Working with an expert in agricultural finance will help set your operation up for success now and in the future. FamilyFarms group provides our members with the tools, training, and analysis they need to maximize profitability and set their operations up for success—now and for future generations.


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