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Everyone loves a good deal. But when it comes to selecting quality crop insurance, you can’t shop on price.

Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) programs are all administered by the government’s Risk Management Agency (RMA), so the cost is the same no matter which insurance company you work with.

At this point you’re probably thinking, ‘Ok, if price is the same across the board, why Legacy Insurance Brokerage?’

Well, we’re glad you asked.Because the cost of crop insurance is standardized by the government, it’s especially important that producers look carefully at the experience and service offered by their insurance agency.

Regulated pricing means finding the right crop insurance agency is all about experience and service.

Why Legacy Insurance Brokerage

At Legacy Insurance Brokerage, our crop insurance programs cover nearly 250,000 acres of farmland in 23 states. Representing almost 100 years of experience, our four agents are dedicated to finding the best insurance solution for you and your operation.

When you choose Legacy Insurance Brokerage, you gain access to top-performing private products for enhanced revenue and bushel protection — developed outside of the government’s subsidized products. Unlike most other brokers, we maintain close relationships with multiple top-rated insurance companies, so you have access to a wider variety of private products and coverage options. And, as agricultural experts, our agents will provide you with valuable decision-making tools, walking you through “What If” scenarios in order to protect your most valuable assets.

There are a lot of options when it comes to selecting the right crop insurance program. Because we understand that every operation is different, we work with you to find the right balance of coverage and price to mitigate risk in the most cost-effective way.

With four licensed agents and two dedicated support staff, Legacy Insurance Brokerage is fully prepared to get you the information and answers you need to protect your investment against crop losses.


We don’t just know crop insurance. We know farming.

The FamilyFarms Difference

As part of FamilyFarms Group — a network of family farm operators, agricultural experts and suppliers working to preserve the legacy of family farms in North America — Legacy Insurance Brokerage operates at the cutting edge. Backed by FamilyFarms’ industry-leading agricultural consultants and up-to-the-minute research, we don’t just know crop insurance; we know farming.

Get Started

Ready to protect your investment against crop loss due to natural causes? Contact Legacy Insurance Brokerage today. Our crop insurance experts will help you determine the right coverage for your crops based on your unique operation, risk exposure and budget.

If you’d like to learn more about Legacy Crop Insurance, please contact  Deb Etheridge, Director of Risk Management.

Office: (309)-839-2512
Cell: (309) 337- 9725

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Deb Etheridge

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