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One of the Most Powerful Marketing Tools for Farmers

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Many of the farms we work with are larger family farms with multiple business units. Farms of this size often look to our team to help develop (or revise) their marketing materials in an effort to market their farm and businesses to landowners, lenders, potential business partners, and communities. In those discussions, focus tends to quickly turn to “what type of brochure should we create?” 

Most farms consider a standard tri-fold brochure, a resume-style piece, a newsletter, or even a fancy brochure with inserts cut at different heights to form a cascading layout of their products or services.  Yes, all those are important when marketing their farm and business units, but they’re missing the boat if they don’t already have one of the most powerful marketing materials that exists.


Marketing Materials to Use 

What is this powerful tool?  A simple card that has your company logo and name on the front, and is completely blank on the inside. The envelopes are even more benign in that they are just plain—as naked as naked can be. 

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I’ve been using cards of this sort throughout the last 20 years of my career, both in agriculture and other industries, and I would count it as one of the most impactful marketing pieces I have used. 

The power behind this marketing piece comes in a variety of forms.


Benefits of Simple Cards 

You want your marketing materials to be as useful as possible—and that's why simple, blank cards are a great option! 


Distribution Flexibility

These cards are versatile and can be used in many ways:

  • As a thank you card after a meeting or successful business transaction
  • As a birthday card for a favored client or prospect if you don’t have an actual birthday card available
  • To give or send a note of appreciation to an employee for a job well done
  • As a sympathy card following the passing of a client or business associate (again, if you don’t have or can’t pick up an actual sympathy card)
  • For congratulating a community member for a noteworthy accomplishment
  • For mailing an article that a client or prospect might have interest in when you come across one


A Personal Touch

The handwritten note is a lost art. There is something to be said about the personable-ness of receiving a card with a heartfelt, sincere, handwritten note inside. People know it takes time to do something of that sort, so it conveys that you care about this person enough to do this. This potential impact is huge with many people.


A Unique Approach

There is a saying that goes “What once was old is now new again.” That saying perfectly applies to handwritten notes. They’ve fallen out of vogue in favor of text and social media messages, so receiving one now is rare, distinctive, and memory-making. If you really want to stand out and do something special, send a note.


Increased Visibility

I use a plain, hand-addressed envelope with an actual stamp—not the pre-metered postage machine that many businesses still have and use. And I don’t put a return address on the envelope. In short, it looks like a greeting card, which is essentially what it is. These get opened and seen—guaranteed.  If you want to make sure what you’re sending gets noticed, follow this practice.

The image above depicts the cards for Family Farms Group, showing the front, inside, and back panels. They are roughly 6.25 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall when folded (they sit horizontally)—about the size of most greeting cards. 


A Variety of Marketing Options 

Family Farms Groups helps member farms to develop marketing strategies, along with all sorts of marketing materials including logos, business cards, letterhead, brochures of all styles and designs, newsletters, farm resumes, proposals, and more. Next time you’re wondering what type of material is best for your audience, consider your array of options!

For more information about marketing and the impact of branding your farm, download our FREE ebook! 

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