The Most Valuable Tools for Sustainable Land Management

Sustainable land management is a strategy to maximize the long-term productivity and resilience of land. To be most effective, such a str..

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How Often Should I Test My Soil? Part 2

In the previous article in our “How often should I test my soil?” series, we gave a brief history of soil testing and how it has been..

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Have You Scheduled Your Spring Soil Health Check-Up?


Consistent Soil Health Check-Upsaka annual soil testing and the resulting soil data analysis, provide you with vital inform..
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How Often Should I Test My Soil?

Many times through the years, I have explained the history of soil testing in agriculture and its evolution as an approved farming practi..

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To Till or Not to Till: Is That a Question?

Tillage practices have changed.

I remember a time—when I was much younger—when moldboard plows were considered a must-have tool for every..

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Why Do I Have to Go Broke Trying to Feed the World?

In the world of agriculture, and especially in commodity crops, farmers have always wanted to grow as much as they possibly can. It is in..

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Soil Sampling: More Than Meets the Eye

The most important aspect of attaining soil data that is correct and usable is to first take quality soil samples. Soil sampling is a com..

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Economics and Soil Health

When considering soil health and fertility, there are different schools of thought on how to best manage soil and keep it productive. One..

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Sampling & Mapping: Know Your Soil to Grow Your Yield

How Are Samples Chosen?

Have you ever been involved in a survey? Those phone calls in the middle of your evening at home asking you to an..

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Soil Health Factors to Consider When Planning for Next Year

The guiding principle of soil health is that it’s a process, not an event. Whatever issues you encounter this year, it’s important to rem..

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The Greatest Lie Ever Told in Agriculture

For most of my life, I have heard this claim anytime it gets dry in June. It seems to be a pervasive belief, repeated across the Midwest ..

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Soil and Plant Health: Evaluating Your Nutrient Management..

Improving soil health in a profitable way is a challenging task. If landowners and farmers had endless supplies of money, achieving good ..

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Why DIY Field Research?

Product Overload

Over the last dozen years or so, the number of new agronomic products like specialty fertilizers, additives, enhancers, ..

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Optimal Soil Health: Just What the Doctor Ordered

If you think about it, soil is much like the human body. Nutrients for the soil, which are necessary for plant health, come from fertiliz..

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Soil and Plant Health in Trying Times | SoilRight

Surviving Trying Times in Agriculture

I am a product of the 1980s. I grew up in the rather mild agricultural times of the 70s. 1980 arriv..

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Soil and Plant Health—Do Fungicides Work? | SoilRight

One of the questions I have been asked most often in recent years in regards to soil and plant health concerns the use of fungicides. The..

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