Your 9-Step Plan to Improve Soil Health

Today's article for The Dirt was written by Chris Edison, agronomist  and laboratory specialist at Brookside Laboratories, Inc. 

The nine..

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Why Do I Need Cover Crops?

Planting cover crops like legumes, grasses, brassicas, buckwheat, and others can help your farm enterprise thrive in many ways. Working t..

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Improving Your Soil Health and Profitability

If landowners and farmers had endless supplies of money, achieving good soil health would be easy. Improving soil health in a profitable ..

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How Soil Microbes Can Improve Productivity

Successful, productive farming is a constant balancing act. Even below the surface, the composition of your soil is a big factor in the h..

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Microorganisms: The Engine That Drives Your Crop-Growing..

Successful farming depends on successful crop management, starting with the smallest building blocks. Microorganisms drive the crop growi..

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Soil Factors to Consider When Selecting Cover Crops

Modern Use of Cover Crops

One of the most controversial and politically abrasive topics that I have known in my entire career is this “ne..

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Why Would You Consider Annual Data Collection?

Many times throughout my career, I have been asked to answer the question, “Why should farmers consider annual soil data collection?” I g..

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How Do I Use Base Saturations to Benefit My Soil?

There are a few competing philosophies concerning soil chemistry and interpreting soil test values. These include the “build up and maint..

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How GIS Services Improve the Use of Soil Inputs

Computer data gathering and analysis can help improve many aspects of the world around us, including the efficiency and success of your f..

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Never Say Never About Soil Management

Many years ago, I attended a conference that included a presentation from a well known professor from a large Midwestern university. He m..

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How Should I Prioritize Changes in Soil Health?

Soil health” has become a buzzword in recent years. Generally speaking, soil health refers to three main types of characteristics: physi..

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Have You Scheduled Your Spring Soil Health Check-Up?


Consistent Soil Health Check-Upsaka annual soil testing and the resulting soil data analysis, provide you with vital inform..
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How Often Should I Test My Soil?

Many times through the years, I have explained the history of soil testing in agriculture and its evolution as an approved farming practi..

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To Till or Not to Till: Is That a Question?

Tillage practices have changed.

I remember a time—when I was much younger—when moldboard plows were considered a must-have tool for every..

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Economics and Soil Health

When considering soil health and fertility, there are different schools of thought on how to best manage soil and keep it productive. One..

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Sampling & Mapping: Know Your Soil to Grow Your Yield

How Are Samples Chosen?

Have you ever been involved in a survey? Those phone calls in the middle of your evening at home asking you to an..

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