What Is FieldIQ?

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Field IQFieldIQ™ is a powerful GIS software with an intuitive user interface that makes entering and managing data from multiple sources simple and effective.

With FieldIQ, farmers have the control to increase profitability, produce higher yields, minimize environmental impact, and make better business decisions.

In a side-by-side comparison with some of the industry’s top agricultural production management software, including FarmersEdge, SMS, MapShots and Climate, FieldIQ offers the most comprehensive suite of tools, features, and support. These features increase input and costs savings, improve efficiency and productivity, and save farmers time.

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Know Your Field With FieldIQ

The FieldIQ platform allows you to easily manage, analyze, and strategize your entire farming operation, including planting, nutrient, and pest management operations. Its tools allow for profit mapping, financial data and costs analysis, zone management, crop health imagery, irrigation management, NDVI/NIR analysis, and more. It incorporates data from crop compliance (CDMS) reports, plant nutrition/prescription tools, field scouting, soil samples, terrain analysis, weather station information, and other in-field data sources. Together, these tools help you understand what’s working, what’s falling short, and what can be improved, reallocated, or re-tooled to work better. Gaining a deeper understanding of the state of your fields and maintaining that in real time will help you increase profitability, produce higher yields, minimize environmental impact, and make better decisions, both short- and long-term.


Mobile Technology and Flexibility

One of the most helpful features of the FieldIQ platform is that it’s fully cloud-based. This means that you and other authorized users can access it from any mobile device anywhere you have an internet connection and share the same real-time, synchronized data. This mobility allows you to input data right in the field and make adjustments as necessary to automated systems (like irrigation or pest control systems). Wireless data transfer and a spatial database ensure that your data is current and up to date instantly.


Records and Bookkeeping

FieldIQ gathers all your data into one place with easy file import and export tools, allowing you to prepare reports like per-field use reports, soil nutrient trend charts, and landowner reports quickly and easily. Its analysis tools allow you to view historical data and create accurate, helpful future projection reports, including multi-year averaging and multi-data layer comparison. It also helps manage assets, inventory, work orders, and more. Streamlining these systems not only improves your profitability, it also saves you time.


In addition to FieldIQ software, full-service agronomy support is available and can be customized to meet your support needs. Contact SoilRight today for a free demo and a consultation about how FieldIQ can help your farm grow and thrive—this season and for many more to come.


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