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The Value of Attending a FamilyFarms Group Conference

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In January, FamilyFarms Group will host its winter conference, offering attendees the opportunity to come together to learn from each other’s experiences and gain valuable industry insight. Attending a FamilyFarms Group conference offers many important benefits, allowing you to connect with others in your industry who can help you refine your farm operation so your business can continue to thrive in the modern world. 


Peers and Industry Leaders

FamilyFarms Group members come from some of North America’s top farming operations and account for more than 700,000 acres of row crop production. Meet with your peers as well as leaders in the ag industry to share ideas, network, and learn about current best practices in farm management.



New technology is always coming out, along with claims it can make your operation more efficient, easier to manage, or more profitable. How do you know which ones would provide real value to your farm? Meet face to face with vendors to learn about the latest technological innovations and how those products can benefit your particular farming operation. 


FamilyFarms Group Representatives

A conference is an ideal opportunity to learn more about all that FamilyFarms Group does for its members. Talk with reps to learn about services that will help to address your farm’s particular challenges, strengths, and goals. FamilyFarms Group can help you hone your management and accounting skills, enhance efficiency, and increase profits—no matter the size of your operation.


If you’re already a FamilyFarms Group member, you’re invited to attend! If you’re thinking of becoming a member, let us know you’re interested by clicking here. Your farm may be one of five chosen to attend as our special guests! 


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Jill Miller

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