A Different Take on Budgets
Surely you have heard the importance of having a budget. Whether for your personal finance or your farm’s operation, consultants and adviser..
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­­Family Farms, LLC Summer Virtual Summit Recap
With the ag economy already facing uncertainty prior to this year, and now navigating the COVID-19 environment, it’s more important now than..
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Systems Thinking Part 5: Business Analysis
Business analysis sounds like something you are doing every day. After all, you are looking at your business while working in it and, from t..
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Read This Before Applying for Your Next Farm Loan—Part 1
In 2018, FamilyFarms Group conducted some simple benchmarking using the operating loans of about 60 of our members.  A variety of things sto..
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Benchmarking Your Farm Operation
Going Beyond the Financials Most operations understand the concept of benchmarking financials against other similar operations. It’s done in..
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