Training New Farm Employees Best Practices
Expanding your family farming operation can be an exciting time for you and your team. Hiring new farm employees, however, is just the begin..
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Do You Need to Audit Your HR Practices?
Legal and effective human resources practices are an essential part of every business. Auditing those practices can help an organization ach..
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The 411 on the USDA Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2
  Start and End Dates The program will open on September 21, 2020, and will continue through December 11, 2020.
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Hiring the Right People When You Need Them
Your farm needs to hire someone right now!
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How Can You Retain Quality Farm Employees?
Of the many struggles FamilyFarms Group members face in the agricultural industry, how to attract and retain quality employees is at the top..
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If All Else Fails—How to Discharge Effectively and..
When questions arise about an employee’s fit, decisions are best made promptly and proactively. Ask yourself, “Have we communicated with the..
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4 Ways to Attract and Retain Top Farm Talent
Farming is a unique business. Typically, farmers don’t get involved in farming to become human resource managers. One of our most frequent q..
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How to Manage the Difficult Farm Employee
Have you ever had to deal with a farm employee who is just “difficult” to manage?  As a manager, you are eventually going to encounter an em..
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